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2 years ago

Make a Girl Orgasm - A Step by Step Guide

This poem offers a birds'-eye-look at of life inside of a slavery-dependent harem, an establishment found, unfortunately, internationally. As a author, I give the primary viewpoint the two to a younger girl, and as well to the harem owner to offer a reasonable composite point of view (a union of the two, the woman and the harem operator). I hope the reader's intellectual curiosity is pleased and that my poem will assist us all comprehend the timeliness of ending these kinds of slavery and degradation - for the slaves, and the harem operator, also.

It is usually a prolonged watch
by captive veiled women
breathing furtively in the deep deep night
of unquenched solace misunderstood
unappreciated unnoticed
love's authenticity unchallenged
day-to-day grievances remain unspoken
desires are simply missing by the wayside
with the owner's satisfaction
in the lonely desolate Arabian night

the wealthy man walks with the evening
in soft-soled slipper sneakers
with an occasional arrythmic snap
to remind these on the bare floors beneath
of his unquestioned unrelenting power
with only scattered prayer rugs
to muffle the delicate audio of his possessing steps

whilst even tranquil males
not fairly totally free men in the daylight
breathe inside of the curtained walls
the purple-roped cordoned bogs
in which they occasionally stay
as real girls not men
guys who are in a position to leave the harem walls
for errand missions to the marketplace in the sunlight
triggering envy in the harem ladies
who are not able to go away

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